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The Children’s and Youth Choir of Pécel was formed at Christmas 2003, inspired by the launch of a new project in the town’s cultural life, namely the annual Christmas concerts. It was on this occasion that conductor Zsuzsanna Szilágyiné Szalai recruited a group of 20-25 talented children. In a few years, this group, operating only seasonally at first, grew into a choir with regular rehearsals, 6-8 performances a year, a growing headcount and developing quality…


In April 2016, at the National Qualification of KÓTA (Association of Hungarian Choirs, Orchestras and Ensembles) the choir received the following qualifications: Children’s Choir: ‘Choir of the Year’, Rutafa Choir: ‘Concert Choir’, Mixed Choir: ‘Gold Diploma with Praise’…


The repertoire of the Children’s and Youth Choir of Pécel includes medieval, renaissance and other styles, with an emphasis on choral works and folksong arrangements by Zoltán Kodály, Béla Bartók, Lajos Bárdos and József Karai. In addition, they perform the songs and folksong arrangements of other nations, gospel arrangements, and choral pieces written by their conductor, Zsuzsanna Szilágyiné Szalai…

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